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Who are we?

Climate Change Connection is a non-government organization working to educate Manitobans about climate change and to facilitate climate change solutions.

This is what we offer:

This website will inform you about climate change and help you get connected to others who are working on this issue.

Governance & funding

We are administered by the Manitoba Eco-Network and are governed by a Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is co-chaired by the Manitoba Eco-Network and the University of Winnipeg.

Primary funding is provided by the Province of Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro.

We work to objectives, deliverables, and metrics laid out in our annual business plan. We report progress twice a year.


Our history

We were started in January 2002 as part of Canada's effort to meet our Kyoto Protocol objectives.

Centres were created in each province and territory to serve as inter-connected information hubs. That network no longer exists formally, but we still work with our current partners to connect Manitobans to climate change facts and solutions.

Click here to see our 5-Year Report.

Our Vision for the future

Manitobans will be aware of climate change facts related to Manitoba and will reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, both individually and as a community.

What do we do?

We are building awareness of climate change so Manitobans will reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions - both individually and as a community.

We work to expand our network of groups who are involved in climate change solutions.

What can we do for you?





Here is a list of services we offer:

Information Requests

Do you have a question about climate change and can't find an answer? Are you looking for a certain resource? Do you want to volunteer for a group active on this issue? Do you need a referral to activities occurring in your area? Are you trying to get funding for a greenhouse gas reduction project?

Call us at 204-943-4836 or e-mail climate.connection@mts.net.

We will connect you to the information you need or people you should talk to.


Ask us and we’ll mail a Climate Change Connection Toolkit to you. It contains information and tips for climate-friendly living.


Ask us and we will give an introductory presentation on climate change for your schools, community event, or other group meeting.


Our website contains Manitoba-specific information on the origins and impacts of climate change. In depth outlooks for health, agriculture and wildlife are among topics relevant to all Manitobans.

Connection Network

We have an extensive listing of groups who:

  • are helping Manitobans learn about climate change
  • have reduced their own greenhouse gas emissions
  • provide funding for projects
  • are doing research into climate change

Click here 

Funding Guide

Our Funding Guide will help you find funding support for emissions-reduction projects in your community. It’s available in print and on-line. Click here

Funding Calendar

Our Funding Calendar will help you find funding that fits your project timeline. It’s available in print and on-line. Click here

News and Events Postings

If you want to stay on top of climate change news related developments in Manitoba, surf regularly to our Home page.

To explore events happening in your area consult our Events Calendar.


If you want to stay informed about climate change happenings in Manitoba, subscribe to our electronic Newsletter - the Connection Update, Click here

Boot Camp Workshops

We conduct "boot camp" workshops on climate change. Participants learn about climate change, and learn how to turn their passion for the subject into meaningful projects and programs in their home communities - Educate, Motivate, Activate.

If you would like to participate in such an event, call us at 204-943-4836 or e-mail climate.connection@mts.net.

Anti-idling Campaign (Idle-Free Zones)

If you want to order a Healthy Communities Don't Idle aluminum sign to establish an Idle Free Zone in your community click here.


We have over 80 books, reports, how-to guides and videos on climate change that are available for public loan. We’ll even mail them to you anywhere in Manitoba.


We have an attractive display on general climate change information available for community fairs and trade shows.